detail, A Quilt for a Wild Thing, 2008

Services offered at The Silver Spool:

Finishing: I will add borders to your quilt or piece your backing for an added fee:

$15 / border set

$10 / backing piecing

Hand Guided Long-Arm Quilting – All quilts are quilted using my lovely HandiQuilter machine with 100% cotton thread, unless otherwise specified.

quilting is $0.02 / square inch for an all over pattern

$0.04 / square inch for custom quilting

     (For example, if you had a quilt that was 45 x 60 and wanted it quilted in an all over pattern, your quilting costs would be calculated using this formula: (45 x 60) = 2,700 x $0.02 = $54.00

I carry 100% cotton Warm and Natural Batting, and I charge JoAnn’s going rate for the quilt size.

There is a $5 thread charge for each quilt.

Binding – I bind quilts with 2 1/4″ strips cut cross grain and pieced diagonally unless otherwise specified. The binding is machine stitched onto the front of the quilt, and then turned and hand stitched to the back with mitered corners.

     binding is $0.25 / square inch

       (For example, if you wanted me to also bind your quilt that is 45 x 60, I would use this formula for you binding: (45 + 60 + 45 + 60) = 210 x $0.25 = $52.50

Custom Quilt Orders – I make custom quilts (including t-shirt quilts!) for customers who would like something handmade for themselves or a gift. These really vary by customer, so if you would like a quote on a custom job, or a combination of services please either call or email me to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to work with you to get you a quote.

I will ship you your finished quilt, or arrange for a meeting to return it. I look forward to working with you!

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    I am looking for an all over umbrella design on my quilt do you have anything similar?

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