This one zipped along!

This one zipped along!

I am so excited about this project I couldn’t wait to share it!

I’ve seen tons of cute fold over clutches online, on Pinterest and all over the place. I kept telling myself I would make one, but to be honest, I was holding back because of the zipper. I’ve been told several things about zippers, all from they’re insanely easy to someone avoids things with zippers at all costs. Well, I’m happy to tell you, I went ahead and tried making a clutch, and it’s so cute!



I had some leftover navy chevron duck, and they only zipper I had long enough was light pink! But together I think they look kinda sweet.



The zipper turned out to be much easier than I thought. I used a multitude of tutorials and videos to help me though (Pinterest is your friend!). Finished, it measures 11″ x 12 1/2.”


I used the same fabric for the lining as you can see, and I finished the edges inside with the same color pink as the zipper. I made this with the intention of it going with me to be sold at the Mistletoe Market I’ll be at in November, but this one I might have to keep! Next I think I’m going to try to make some using some of the vintage fabric I have stashed away! Happy sewing everyone!

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