It's a truth universally acknowledged...

It’s a truth universally acknowledged…

jane austen quilt top

detail, Jane Austen quilt top, 2012

That I am a horrible blogger.

I dropped off the radar after spring break around here, I know. Life caught up with me, and I was taking care of 4 boys in the daytime and dealing with some health issues as well as the end of the school year with James, soccer and everything else life has for a busy little family.

This summer brought it’s own challenges, surgeries for my husband and I, wrecked cars, injuries and illness with our little family and other members of our families as well. It’s been a loooong summer, and I was glad to see it end when both boys (yes! BOTH!!) started school.

I definitely haven’t been idle though. I have a lot of projects to share with you guys, (which you know if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and will do so soon. I have to confess about being better about posting on those than I do here. I have also joined the world of Instagram and will add that soon. But I resolve to be better at blogging, if only to share quick pictures, finished projects and ideas with all of you.

But I do have exciting news! After several years of my grandmother’s wonderful hospitality, love and support, my long-arm machine came home to my studio this weekend! It was really exciting, and I really feel like my studio is complete. I’m loving being in here, and it’s been hard to leave! I’m really happy to start this new journey on the long-arm, and reserve working in my grandmother’s studio for learning how to work the serger and embroidery machines there.

But, now I’m off to do some housewife things, as well as figure out how to clean my bobbin winder. Have a GREAT week!

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