InDesign 101 - Food Planner

InDesign 101 – Food Planner

In the first week of InDesign 101 we made flashcards. You can check them out here! The second week of class in InDesign 101 we made a food planner. I know, you’re asking me right now what a food planner is right? It’s a planner (calendar) that has recipes tucked in with it!

I was really excited about this project, because I LOVE planners and calendars. I love the search for a new one, the new features, the expanse of blank pages. I just never seem to find one that is just…right. But now, with my newfound knowledge, I can make my own! And the purpose of putting the recipes in their as well was to teach us how to format for them, in case we ever wanted to make a cookbook (Something else that’s on my long term list of goals).

We got to use some lovely pictures taken by Nicole of Nicole’s classes. They are so lovely, I wish all of my photos looked as good! (She teaches photography classes! )

This is the cover of my food planner:

planner cover


I started each month with an “at a glance” calendar page, and we incorporated quotes about food as well.



And, since I always need weekly pages with lots of space for to – do lists, phone numbers and things to remember, I added those in-between each month.

planner2I’m sketching things out and thinking of what I’d like in my own planner for next year, and I think I’ll try my hand at my own wall calendar for the fridge as well! This week’s project was definitely fun, but I love the next week’s too. I can’t wait to show that one to you.