InDesign 101 - Flashcards

InDesign 101 – Flashcards

I’ve been taking the InDesign 101 class through Nicole’s Classes this past month. Their classes are typically 4 weeks, and are project based. You watch videos and make projects based on the skills you need to use a program to it’s fullest. There are a variety of classes, and there are several more I want to take! I chose InDesign because I knew it would help me to create better layouts for quilt patterns in the future. Alma Loveland, the teacher explains everything very clearly and gives you real world examples too, as she is a graphic designer in “real” life. I’m going to sign up for Illustrator 101 and Making a Pattern as well, because while I have a working knowledge of Illustrator, there is so much more I’d like to know.

I am SO GLAD I took this class! Within the first week I had already learned some valuable information, and made adorable flash cards. We learned how to set up master pages, and how to change them.

The first set was a number set, from 0 to 9. My oldest boy wanted stars on them, “like in outer space.”


The next set was all about animals. The pictures of the animals we used were original watercolors done by the teacher’s husband! They are lovely. I think this is my favorite set.



The next set was colors. Again, we had custom made watercolor blobs to play with. I love these too! I want to print them out and frame them in my studio.

flashcards3The last set was all about shapes. It was fun to learn how to draw all the different ones in InDesign, it’s a lot different than Photoshop sometimes.



There were 50 cards in all, and that was only our first week’s project! I’m going to have these printed for my little guys to use, and I really think they’d make lovely baby gifts.

What do you think? I really encourage you to check out Nicole’s Classes, it’s been an awesome experience and I can’t wait to share my next project with you!