Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

I don’t know what it is about spring, but it simultaneously makes me feel like cleaning the entire house, top to bottom, inside and out, and getting my hands dirty in the yard. I want to plant flowers, re-arrange shrubbery and generally make a mess. But, as it’s still getting pretty frosty in the mornings, my planting urges will have to wait. As will the outside of the house cleaning, because I live in Georgia and well…POLLEN!

I realized earlier this week that I often start spring cleaning only to get side tracked, because I bite off more than I can chew. This year, I’m breaking everything down into rooms, and into tasks. I’ll do a task on the list each day as I can, maybe more than one as I see that I can. And I’m starting in the kitchen, when I usually start in the master bathroom. And the very first thing I’m doing? Cleaning out my cleaning supplies!

I took to Pinterest to get some good tips and ideas, and came across this post from Martha about cleaning supplies. I keep the ones I use the most in a bucket under my sink, and the rest kind of willy-nilly behind the bucket. The things I use the most are my home-made windex (vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water, this gets week old dog drool off a window in one swipe and never streaks a mirror!), Pinesol, liquid gold wood polish, Murphy’s Oil, gloves, a scrub brush, an old toothbrush and an assortment of cleaning cloths. That way I can carry the bucket to whichever room I’m in and everything I need is there! This is especially important since I can rarely clean one room in one sitting, I always have to stop to get juice, change a diaper or break up a fight! If you want to go all natural in your cleaning supplies, Blissfully Domestic has an awesome post with 10 tips for spring cleaning with all natural ingredients.

Jamie at The Flying Tire also posted this awesome inspiration for all of the “stuff” we all accumulate:



I’m also going to be cleaning out and organizing as I go, so I pinned several different strategies on my Getting Organized board. Come check it out! I’ve got checklists, toy cleaning strategies, the works!

What are your spring cleaning strategies?