I'm still moving.

I’m still moving.

How is your week going so far? Did you do the creative cleanse last week?

I’m sorry I was spotty last week, on top of doing the creative cleanse, (which put me online less than normal) I had a lot to deal with housewife and mommy-wise. Not to mention my beloved long-arm is down and at the shop, which ate up an entire day to take it and see if it could be fixed in one day!

Some weeks, I am in a creative frenzy. I get so many things made and finished, I rock at getting things on Twitter or Facebook and I have tons of Pins. I feel on top of the world, and like this dream of really launching The Silver Spool as a brand is on it’s way! I can do anything!

Then, weeks like last week hit me. I’m not sleeping, (hello little boys in the bed with me…) the laundry seems never ending (it really never ends, who am I kidding?) and the boys are requiring constant supervision. My sweet hubby is working long hours, and I have to handle a lot of things on my own. I get little to nothing done creatively, and what I am getting done is for the InDesign class I’m taking, and I feel like my dream is far, far away. On the days when I have 2 extra boys, I long to run away downstairs to my studio. I look fondly for the fall when both boys will be in school at the same time…but also know how much I will miss them.

This is when I have to stop and remember: I am first and foremost a mommy and a wife. My boys won’t be little forever, so I will enjoy them now. Maybe I don’t have that blog post finished, and there are tutorials to write, quilts to finish and patterns to write. But the park is calling. We need new books at the library. When everyone goes to school in the fall, I’ll be set up and ready to rock. But for now, I will work as I can, in between reading books about Skippyjon Jones, building Lego buildings and creating race tracks for Lightning McQueen. I will quilt while I sing along to Veggie Tales, and stop when my boys want to help me make pizzas. I will make logos while watching my oldest practice writing his name. Some days instead of sewing new aprons, I’ll have to make new Angry Birds and Pigs to go with them. And I will enjoy creating this business, and knowing that my time is coming.

I really think the creative cleanse helped me realize this. We take so much time comparing ourselves to others, how much work they seem to be able to get done in a day, the uninterrupted calls (they don’t have kids at home with them, I have to remind myself!) and what they are making. We also see how we think things *should* be. I talk about this in the Lenten Devotional in my church’s blog. You can find it here. Everyone looks good online and on Pinterest, but it’s not real life. It was a good time to focus on what I should be. I am resolving to cruise blogs and Pinterest less, and create more. I was surprised how I had to remind myself not to peek for the first 2 days, but by the third day I didn’t even think about it.

As long as I keep moving forward, I must remember no matter how slowly, I’m still moving somewhere!