Cowboy Pinwheels

Cowboy Pinwheels

I’ve finally gotten this adorable little quilt all done!

cowboy pinwheel1


Remember when I finished this little pink and white pinwheel quilt? Everyone loved it! I love pinwheel blocks, so I decided to use some of the vintage light blue cowboy fabric I have as well as some navy cowboy fabric to make a more boy-ish baby quilt. I also used linen instead of plain white cotton, mostly because I’m still just a little obsessed. (That conversation is a whole other post…)

cowboy pinwheel2


It quilted beautifully, I love the way the linen handles! I decided to quilt it with little lasso- type swirls, I thought it would break up some of the straight lines on the quilt.

cowboy pinwheel3


cowboy pinwheel4


There you have it friends! I’m putting this one up in the shop, so if you want it, come and get it! Keep in mind too that I do take custom projects, and if you want one (baby sized or larger) just shoot me an email for a quote!

Happy Weekend!