Double Mitered Borders

Double Mitered Borders

Not long ago, I made some printable instructions for how to make a mitered quilt border. I thought today I’d come back and show you in pictures how to do a double border. Also, it’s a lot easier to do when you see it in diagram and in picture form / real life.

The first thing you want to do is cut strips for your inner and outer borders. This quilt is small, so I cut the inner border strip at 1 1/2″, and the outer at 4 1/2″.

double miter 1


Make sure you have long enough strips to go on one whole side plus about 8 inches extra on each side. Piece them together if you need to. Then, sew these two strips together. Press towards the darker fabric.

double miter 3


Lay the strip right sides together on the edge of the quilt. Make sure the center of the border strip matches the middle of the quilt top. You will have about 8 inches on either side. Make a mark a quarter inch from the end of the quilt top. This is where you will begin and end your stitching.

double miter 4

Now sew the border strip on the quilt top! Pin it in place if you need to. Don’t forget to start and stop a quarter inch away from the edge of the quilt top.

double miter 5

Iron the border strip towards the dark fabric of the border.

double miter 6


Now do the same thing on the other 3 sides. When you are done, take the edge of one strip and flip it up to form the angle, like this:

double miter7

Do the same with the matching strip to form a corner.

double miter 8

Take your time, and really make sure everything matches up right. When you think you have it where you need it to be, iron it to form some nice creases.

After you have everything creased (and you’ve let it cool slightly…trust me!) take your quilt and fold it on the diagonal like this:

double miter 9

Match up the crease on both pieces of the border strips, and pin them. It’s helpful to pin on the crease you you’ll know where to sew.

double miter 10


Carefully sew your seam on the crease! You will stop right in the corner where you stitches for the border strips end. (Remember the 1/4″ you left at the end of the quilt top? You’ll stitch to the point where that is!)

When you have stitched your seam, take a deep breath and open the quilt! You will have a lovely mitered corner. Trim your seams to 1/4″, and press the seam open so it lays nice and flat.

double miter 11


Keep in mind that the first few you do might not be perfect, and some might even pucker a little. This is one of those things that sounds so strange the first time you do it, but when you do it over and over it finally starts to make sense. Practice makes perfect in this instance, kind of like machine quilting. So if it doesn’t go absolutely perfect the first time, don’t fret! (I’ve already had to re-do a corner on this one!) Let me know if you have any questions or if you need any clarification. And, I would LOVE to see any of your examples!

Happy Quilting!