Baby Pinwheels

Baby Pinwheels

Everyone at my house has been down with a nasty flu for the past few days. It’s been a week of snuggling and movies, and I’ve actually had time to finish a few projects.

This is a sweet little baby quilt I made for friends that just had their first baby girl. I love the colors, since I have a houseful of boys I don’t get much that is pink and girly! Although, I think the next one I make out of this pattern will be for boys…I really want to make another quilt with linen, and I have some adorable cowboy fabric that would be perfect with it!

baby pinwheel pink1

baby pinwheel pink2

I think this one turned out simple and sweet. It turned out great using lots of different fabrics, I can’t wait to try the other colorway!

baby pinwheel pink3

My quilt holding helper was gone to work, so I had to find an alternate photography method to show you all the full quilt. However, my little helpers were standing by, as you can see by those precious toes.

baby pinwheel pink4

One project down for the week, tons more to go. Happy Wednesday!